Oh hello! We are so glad you’re here! Rustic Flamingo provides paid job training and employment opportunities for uniquely abled persons. Helping you to be the best version of you is our passion! At Rustic Flamingo our only competition is who we were yesterday. We break down barriers and celebrate our unique abilities.

Won’t you join us?

* All crew members will be expected to share joy, have fun, and be positive and hospitable.


Rustic Flamingo is a fun and friendly DIY Studio where guests choose from an array of trendy techniques to create one-of-a-kind home décor. What’s really cool about Rustic Flamingo is our team. We create opportunities for people that are often overlooked. We provide job training and jobs for people with disabilities AND we give back! A portion of all proceeds is donated to agencies in the greater Sarasota area that serve persons with disabilities. Everyone is welcome at Rustic Flamingo. Come sit with us!

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